Where to Watch Premier League UK Top 7 Platforms for Live Streaming

2023-05-26 03:00:09

Where to Watch Premier League UK Top 7 Platforms for Live Streaming

The English Premier League (EPL) is one of the most popular football leagues in the world. Fans from all over the globe tune in to watch their favorite clubs compete against each other every season. If you're in the UK and looking for a platform to watch live EPL games, here are the top 7 options to consider.

1. Sky Sports

Sky Sports has been a popular choice for football enthusiasts for decades. The platform offers live coverage of every Premier League game, and boasts an extensive lineup of football pundits providing expert analysis. A subscription to Sky Sports also gives you access to other sports, including cricket, rugby, and golf.

2. BT Sport

BT Sport is another great option for watching live Premier League matches. The platform offers exclusive coverage of some fixtures, including midweek games, and presents its coverage in stunning 4K Ultra HD. BT Sport also offers a range of other sports, including UFC and NBA.

3. Amazon Prime Video

In recent years, Amazon Prime Video has become a serious contender in the sports streaming arena. The platform offers a range of Premier League games, with matches typically being split between Amazon Prime Video and another provider. You can also watch other sports on Amazon Prime Video, including tennis and F1.

4. BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is a free-to-use streaming platform that offers some Premier League games. While it doesn't show every match, it's a great choice if you're looking to watch some of the big games without having to pay a monthly subscription fee. BBC iPlayer also offers other programs, including news and documentaries.


NOW TV is a flexible streaming service that offers a range of different passes depending on what you're looking for. Its Sky Sports pass gives you access to all of Sky Sport's football coverage, including the Premier League. You can also get passes for other sports and for entertainment shows.

6. TalkTalk TV

TalkTalk TV offers a range of different channels, including Sky Sports and BT Sport, meaning you can watch every Premier League game live. You can also record TV shows and movies to watch later, making it a convenient option for busy football fans.

7. Virgin Media

Finally, Virgin Media also offers a range of sports channels, including Sky Sports and BT Sport. The platform's TiVo box allows you to record multiple programs at once, so you'll never miss a match, even if two games are on at the same time. You can also watch other sports, including cricket and NFL.

In conclusion, there are many different options for watching Premier League games live in the UK. Depending on your preferences and budget, you can choose from traditional TV providers like Sky Sports and BT Sport, or newer services like Amazon Prime Video and NOW TV. Whichever platform you go for, you're sure to experience the excitement and drama of one of the world's biggest football leagues.

Where to Watch Premier League UK Top 7 Platforms for Live Streaming

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